Personal Injury

Personal Injury – Representing Plaintiffs

Objective: Obtain the highest fair and reasonable recovery as promptly as possible so as to minimize the adverse impact of the injury on the client’s already disrupted lifestyle.

Approximately one-third of Jens practice involves representing people injured as a result of the wrongful conduct of others. Jens handles both catastrophic and modest injury claims. Jens negotiates, and where necessary, litigates through trial, claims involving a wide range of personal injury matters including auto collision, slip and fall, and other torts. Jens’ representation of clients in accident cases typically involves investigation and marshalling of supporting claim documentation, aggressive negotiation with insurance company claims adjusters, obtaining payment for ongoing medical and other expenses prior to the initiation of suit, and intensive trial preparation. Accident or injury cases are handled on a contingent fee basis. Jens will personalize the client to the adjuster, or, at trial, to the judge or jury, assuring an appreciation for the impact of the injury on the client’s lifestyle.

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