Counselor at Law

Family Law Matters

Objective: Fair and equitable sharing of marital estate and/or determination of parental rights and responsibilities through principled negotiation.

Excepting only the occasional real property dispute, no area of the law tends to be more consistently contentious than cases involving divorce custody and support; Jens effectively assists in all manner of divorce, parental rights (including custody and support), harassment matters. Apart from advising the client on the substantive law in which the client’s rights are grounded, Jens regards as equally crucial the tasks of assisting the client in understanding the clients own important responsibilities, and dealing with unreasonable behavior from the opposing party.

Jens counsels his client to steer her or him away from retaliatory response that only increases emotional rancor between opposing spouses or parents in the emotionally charged atmosphere of family disputes. Jens prepares and assists the client in effectively responding to oppressive behavior from an estranged spouse or lover. It is in these cases that client’s customary accessibility to Jens is particularly effective. Jens is willing and able to assist in resolution of property disputes arising in same-sex relationships and in defending or enforcing partition claims.

Jens has expertise in family law subjects from drafting of prenuptial contracts to serving as a resolute and responsive divorce lawyer. Jens is practiced in Child Custody through Child Support disputes. He works to produce fair and just results while being sensitive to the extremely personal and private nature of these family matters, and the continuity of parental relationships after estrangement.

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