Counselor at Law

General Civil Litigation - Trials in all Maine courts

Objective: Vigorous claim prosecution or defense marked by diligent factual development, comprehensive web-based, legal research and intensive witness preparation.

Jens provides diligent, responsive and cost-effective representation to both plaintiffs and defendants involved in all manner of civil disputes, including, among other areas, boundary and other real estate litigation. Whether the client's need for effective representation in litigative matters is episodic or continuing, the matter is zealously handled through and including the trial of the matter, if necessary. Winning the lawsuit is only half of the battle, and often leads to further proceedings to enforce the judgment. Jens also has experience in performing appellate work in furtherance successful enforcement of a judgment that has already been won.

Jens has successfully taken to trial and successfully defended or prosecuted appeals of a wide array of litigative matters, as a review of reported cases reveals (see Reported Cases) including contract, tort, insurance, boundary, criminal and matrimonial matters.

Real Estate Disputes | Personal Injury | Contract Disputes | Family Law | Mediation