Representative Clients

A few of our clients, have, over the years included:

Kennebunk Savings Bank
The Ocean National Bank of Kennebunk
Northern Utilities, Inc.

Reported Cases

A few of the firm's more noteworthy decided by the Maine Law Court:

Maine Bonding & Casualty Company v. Knowlton, 598 A.2d 749 (Me 1991);
(Statutory construction relative to cancellation of homeowners’ insurance policy.)

State v. Joubert, 603 A.2d 861 (Me. 1992);
(Criminal Defendant’s right to speedy trial; exclusion of evidence based on hypnotically refreshed recollection and bite-mark evidence.)

Sheltra v. Rochefort, 667 A.2d 868 (Me. 1995);
(Concerning the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur in negligence case arising from motor vehicle accident.)

Feinerman, v. Barrett, 673 A.2d 1341 (Me. 1996);
(Mortgagor's Truth in Lending Act waiver of right to rescind loan transaction.)

Martin Hodas Defined Benefit Plan vs. First American Title Insurance Company, 1997 ME 137, 696 A.2d 1095 (What constitutes a “reasonable time” for a title insurer to cure real estate title defect.)

Burke v. Port Resort Realty Corp., 1998 ME 193, 714 A.2d 837;
(Employer’s failure to tender undisputed wages not excused.)

Burke v. Port Resort Realty Corp., 1999 ME 138, 737 A.2d 1055 (Burke II);
(Imposing exemplary damages and penalty against employer wrongfully failing to timely compensate employee.)

Ly vs Lafortune, 2003 ME 119, 832 A.2d 757
(Sustaining forceable entry and detainer judgment in favor of client.)

Walker vs Walker, 2005 ME 21, 868 A.2d 887
(Vacating trial court judgment in favor of client. Gross wages includes severance pay.)

Hayden vs Orfe, 2006 ME 56, 896 A.2d 968;
(Enforcing favorable boundary settlement against obstinate defendant, and imposing sanctions for frivolous appeal.)

Toffling vs Toffling, 2008 ME 90, 953 A.2d 375
(Enforcing stipulated divorce judgment and imposing sanctions on opposing party.)