The Firms Areas of Concentration...

The areas of concentration of Jens Bergen’s practice include litigating and resolving real estate disputes, personal injury claims,  commercial and contract disputes, construction claims and other civil litigation matters. Jens is also seasoned and successful in matters of family law, from child custody arrangements, child support and spousal support claims to marital property division and settlement negotiation, and if necessary, trial. Jens also brings experience as a mediator to the table.

     Real Estate Disputes
     Personal Injury
     Commercial/Contract Disputes
     General Civil Litigation
     Family Law Matters

In real estate disputes, Jens will handle, among other things, boundary issues, landlord/tenant disputes, easement, right of way and trespass cases, with diligence and creativity, with trial representation when necessary for his clients’ satisfactory results.

Jens presses his client’s personal injury claims with tenacity, with a goal of obtaining fair and appropriate compensation for clients who have been injured as a result of another’s wrongdoing. From investigation to negotiation with the insurance company, Jens handles personal injury claims with determination to restore his client’s satisfactory lifestyle, including through trial when necessary.

Family law is an area in which Jens is highly responsive and effective. In divorce matters, Jens works vigorously to assure that the client secures fair and equitable marital property or support arrangements, and in the context of parental rights, resolution that recognizes the importance of preserving, or cultivating, cooperative and respectful co-parenting relationships.

Real Estate | Personal Injury | Contract Disputes | Civil Litigation | Family Law | Mediation